The symbolism of the Corona Virus

(Trance Writing Message during the Sacredness of Trance Mediumship Course of the British Medium Colin Bates.)
Round - Unit - Circle
No beginning - no end
Corona Virus as a symbol
The individuum should find back to the unit.
Every person should find back in the unit - into the Wholeness. Into LOVE.
The virus symbolizes the world as a Unit -
Mother Earth. Caught in the disease.
This feeling is gone - For the wholeness.
Our Love for Mother Earth. For each other. For the community.
People are at their own. Many around the world are alone.
Not only in this time of Corona.
It is a chance...
To feel what is missing.
Humanity has to find to a new wholeness.
And take care of each other.
Looking for the big picture, for the well being of all.
Mother Earth. Creature. Humans.
We are all one. We need to find together in Love.
Do not separate your life from the wholeness.
From each other...
and Mother Earth.
Take the chance to heal...
To heal each other, not only the virus. Our whole Earth.
Mother Earth.
Do not remain in anger and hate.
Take the chance which the virus brings to this earth...
To create compassion...
Love not fear...
Wholeness instead of seperation...
And the virus can go...