Trance Speaking 17. August 2020
Kahuna Kaleiliahi lost the cancer battle but not the battle of the soul. Her soul. Kalei brought down the energy of the stars and connected it to the energy of the earth. The Kilauea volcano is full of power. Life energy. Joy. That embodied her.
She looks at us from the stars. And helps us to find our soul star. The soul star who guides us in these dark times. Which shows the way. To look inward. To find the light. In us and to go on. Kalei helps us with this. She is a star that shines on our way. We just have to see this star and move on. She helps us with that. From the stars. And it helps us to be lighthouses. For other people in this Corona time.
We should form an even larger network of light. We need a larger one. Help each other. To go forward. Out of the dark. From fear and anger into Love.
The stars are with you and around you. The stars send life. Read the energy of the stars. The stars bring light to the darkest moments, and illluminate. There is deep transformation of mankind, and it is the darkest moment of the soul. The stars shine for you. Follow your soul. Humans should go within. You are not alone. You came from the stars. Believe in yourself. Help others find the light within themselves. Let your light shine. Kaleiliahi transformed herself to the betterment of human kind. And so we can do... together.